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Welcome to the launch of BIDZ Coin. We’re glad you’re here. We have been hard at work on developing, testing, and deploying BIDZ.

Play 2 Earn
Wear 2 Earn
Decentralized VPN
11 other projects (soon announced)

Trust / IOS & Android

Trust Wallet is the official crypto wallet of Binance. You can send, receive and store Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies and digital assets safely and securely with the Trust Wallet mobile app.

Add Custom Token

Trust wallet allows users to add custom coins / new coins on their application for IOS & Android. Click add custom token and select Smart Chain as network and paste BIDZ Contrat ID. Click paste, followed by done!

Send or recieve BIDZ Coins

Now that you have added BIDZ Coin wallet via Trust wallet, Simply click BIDZ coin and you will be presented with YOUR own BIDZ Wallet to receive or send BIDZ.

Hot / Cold wallet

Trust wallet is known for hot or cold wallet. Hot wallet to be able to buy and sell using DApps with one click or simply cold wallet by keeping BIDZ in wallet and store like storage.


BIDZ Adoption

As adoption of BIDZ grows, we will expand our operations into several markets and platforms. With a growing team of 25 + members, we are ready to meet the challenges of evolving marketplaces.

BIDZ and the BIDZ ecosystem are a global solution for people throughout the physical world, the digital world, and the economic strata. We see BIDZ as an ecommerce platform targeted towards elevating individuals living in economically depressed areas.

We are a community-minded organization, and look forward to how our community of users may guide us to solutions that truly meet their needs and account for their voices.

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ICO Distribution

Our ICO Distribution

Check out what our goals are

Token Distribution 15 B

1,000,000,000 B
2,000,000,000 B
1,000,000,000 B
500,000,000 M
3,000,000,000 B
2,500,000,000 B
Team (Trust 1 Year)
1,000,000,000 B
Future Developments
4,000,000,000 B
Trust Lock (5 Year)

Our ICO Roadmap

Jan 22 2022
Pre-Sale Completed

Pre-sale to initial investors directly via BIDZ.Store. A pool of 1 billion BIDZ Coin will be sold on pre-sale. There is a 100 X potential opportunity. Release of Earn BIDZ ( Play 2 Earn Android Game)

22 Feb 2022
Funding CampaignsCompleted

Launch Kickstarter and other campaigns. A total of 2 billion coins will be sold to investors during this phase. there is a 50 X potential opportunity.

22 April 2022
ICO Completed

Initial coin offering prior to exchange release for investors who missed the presale and funding campaigns. There is a 25 X potential opportunity.

22 June 2022

Initial exchange offering. At this stage BIDZ.STORE ecosystem will be driven by BIDZ Coin. BIDZ.STORE website should be running.

30 July 2022
BIDZ Staking Launched

Staking platform will be launched. 3 billion coins will be locked for staking.

30 Dec 2022

Launching BIDZ NFT space powered by BIDZ Coin. Area to buy and sell their NFT Art. BID.STORE which will further increase the utility of BIDZ coin. BIDZ NFT