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BIDZ is a layer 1 hybrid ecosystem of commerce and applications. Swap BIDZ to BIDZ Credit to buy real products or services through out our ecosystem. The team has built a bridge between crypto, commerce and real-world applications. BIDZ Combines the advantages of Web 3 with the efficiency of Web 2. We welcome you to a hybrid world.

BIDZ not only sits in your wallet but, We bring utility to your crypto. Watch & learn about BIDZ Coin

Watch and learn about what BIDZ Coin is all about!
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What BIDZ specializes in?

We specialize in eCommerce and real- world applications

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eCommerce Solutions

BIDZ Shop aka BIDZ Store is a full eCommerce solution for global access. BIDZ shop will use BIDZ credit as payment gateway.

BIDZ Store will be a fully functional IOS / Android application for users globally

Real-world applications

BIDZ plans on developing web and mobile phone applications that are trending.

All our applications will be supporting only BIDZ credit as payment gateway.

Convert money globally

FX rates are very high and require wire transfers as not all individuals use banking systems as first world individuals today

BIDZ custom applications converter allows users to take advantage as crypto use case

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BIDZ decentralized vpn application

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, hides your internet activity and safeguards sensitive information from security threats by creating a hidden back entrance to the digital world and shuffling your IP address between locations to prevent tracking. Learn More

What is BIDZ Swap

BIDZ swap is a web 3 webtool that allows BIDZ holders to convert from BIDZ Coin to BIDZ Credit which is a custom web 2 stable coin that can be used around the globe. BIDZ swap is a hybrid Web 3 to Web 2 online currency real time and works in exactly 3.1 seconds

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